Driving directions

It takes around 60 minutes, at a cruisy pace, to get to The Gorge from Nelson CBD. You must arrive at the park gate by 8.00am at the very latest (this is so we can get everyone registered, briefed, bikes loaded and on our way in time to provide a full day of shuttles for everyone). We highly recommend you get here earlier though to save any stress. Our advice is to aim to be with us just before 8.00am.

There is no telephone signal in Wairoa Gorge so you'll be out of phone contact. Please make sure you have the directions downloaded to your phone or printed out in advance.

There are red/black direction arrows at the major junctions once you get onto Wairoa Gorge Road - these aren't big road signs but are easily visible, so if you get to a junction you are unsure about keep an eye out and they will point you in the right direction (if there is no sign continue straight on).

Please DO NOT be late. Due to the nature of the operation and environment we have to run to a timetable - this will ensure all our guests have the best experience and most fun. If you are late the gates will be shut (it's a condition of our lease) and we will have already left to shuttle up the mountain. This is the same as missing a flight - unfortunately we can't wait for you just like the airplane can't wait. We'll be sad if you miss out and you'll be sad too - so set your alarm nice and early, be prepared and get here early if you possibly can.

OK - so, driving instructions. Despite feeling quite isolated we really aren't that far from civilisation. The last part of the journey is on unsurfaced roads - these range in condition from good to not so good. They are driveable in a 2wd car but watch out for potholes and take your time. There are no steep hills to negotiate or tight corners but there are two ford crossings.

The safest/easiest way to get to Wairoa Gorge is to turn south off Highway 6 at Wakefield onto Edward St.
Continue for 1.1km then turn right onto Church Valley Rd.
Continue for 5.3km then continue straight onto Pig Valley Rd.
Continue for 3.5km then continue straight onto Wairoa Gorge Rd.
Continue for 5km then turn left and cross a single lane bridge onto Old Mill Road.
Continue on Old Mill Rd for approx 7km past a green steel forestry gate. If this gate is locked then you are either early (good on you, just hang around and we'll be there soon) or late (sorry, but you've missed out).
Continue until you get to the electronic gate at Robbies Carpark, the entry to Wairoa Gorge Bike Park.
Park on teh left in teh car park and get yourself unloaded and ready to rumble.

It’s about 30 mins drive from Wakefield and 60 mins from Nelson. You can also take the road from Brightwater via the Lee Valley, but this route includes a long section of single lane that is slow and narrow. It’s just as quick to go via Wakefield and the road is much better. No matter which way you go the roads are unsealed, are narrow, winding and can be rough – always drive with caution and respect other road users. We strongly recommend you car-pool if possible.