Please note: This booking info is specific to the Chilled Day events which have a later start time than a ‘normal’ WGBP shuttle day.

Here is the booking small print - it’s worth having a quick look over before you book a day with us so you know the deal.
We try and keep this stuff to a minimum, but also need to have some ‘rules’ to ensure we can offer a fair, consistent and professional service.

If you have any issues booking please email for assistance.

The fine print:

- Minimum rider age is 18 years.

- All riders must have kneepads, gloves and a helmet - some chose to wear a full face helmet since you aren’t pedalling up hill, but it’s up to you.

- There are no guides and no bike patrol. Riders must stay in groups and look out for each other, be self-sufficient (as you would on any big ride) and be prepared for awesome riding in a beautiful and remote location. 

- All riders must be at the front gate before 9.00 in the morning, ready to drive in convoy through to Barrys flat. There is now an active forestry operation on the access road meaning that it is closed with gates locked during the day (this is to stop felled trees from dropping on your head). This means that it is you cannot turn up late or leave early (except for medical emergency) so please come prepared. 

- We operate rain or shine.  If the shuttles are being cancelled due to extreme weather you will be informed by 8.00pm the evening prior to your visit by email, and you will be able to transfer your booking to another day.  

- NMTBC reserves the right to cancel a  scheduled shuttle day for any reason that it deems fit, including if there are low numbers booked for a day.  Riders already booked on these days will be given the opportunity to transfer their booking to another day, or get a refund.

- All changes to booking need to be done with at least 7 days notice. We do not change bookings last minute or provide refunds for last minute cancellations by riders - we are a volunteer organisation and the burden of last minute changes is too much for us to handle efficiently. Unfortunately we have to work with strict access requirements and on-site communications are difficult due to the remote location/limited phone and internet access so we are forced to operate a fairly inflexible booking system. Your understanding is appreciated.

-If you cancel a booking a refund will not be automatically issued.  You are best to change the date of your booking or contact our administrator.

-Please note that you will be responsible for returning a radio if you are given one. There is no cellphone signal on teh trails so we provide radios to each group so you can stay in contact with us if you need to. These radios are an important part of the safety for all riders and are very valuable ($1000 each!).  You will be required to replace it, if it is lost or badly damaged, so please tuck it away safely in your bag.