Photo/committee day

Friday 24 May 2019

Hi Everyone - thanks for signing up for Friday. Should be heaps of fun and the weather looks mint! Please remember to bring knee pads and gloves as well as your helmet - you can’t ride without them!

There are two main purposes for this day at The Gorge:

  1. Capture images of ‘intermediate’ looking riders having fun at The Gorge that we can us to promote the park to those riders that currently consider it too hard/intimidating/extreme. Riding shots, pre/post riding shots, some lifestyle shots.

  2. Introduce the 2019 NMTBC commitee to The Gorge, have a look around, ride some trails and have some fun so you know what the place is all about and can talk knowledgeably about it.

There are 20 of us there on Friday so some kind of plan will help - we certainly don’t all have to be doing the same thing as one big group

Here are the basics:

  • Arrive at the park gate by NO LATER than 9.00am, best to aim for 8.50am. Here are the directions Give yourself 60mins from Nelson CBD.

  • Great if you can car-pool. We’ll aim to leave at 4.00pm (back in Nelson at 5.00pm). If you have to leave earlier let me know as we’ll need to discuss that with the logging crew so you don’t get crushed by falling trees.

  • If you haven’t been before have a read of this and maybe skim over this (feedback on if you think this info can be improved is always welcome).

Rough plan:

9.00am arrive

9.20am - briefing at Robbies Hut

9.30-9.450am - have a look around Robbies so we know what that facility is/isn’t

10.00 am - get on the shuttle to Irvines hut/skid

Split into 2 groups:

Group 1 - (PJ to lead): photos on No Pressure, Road to Nowhere - pick up at Quarry
Group 2 - ride Benched, Bermed, Quattro - pick up at Razor Bridge

Group 1 - (PJ to lead): head up to Peaking Out - photos on climb, and on Natural Selection/Bi-Polar - finish at Irvine’s for lunch
Group 2 - ride Natural Selection, Bi-polar, Happy Ending, Creamed Rice, MPD, Sewer Slider - pick up at Quarry

Lunch (hang out at Irvine’s, I’ll try and get the Gibbs Peak hut key) - eat, smiley photos etc

After Lunch:

Run 1 - a bit of a free for all, some do runs with Henry taking photos, some go ride whatever they want
Run 2 - switch groups around, free run for some, photos for others.

Finish 3.30pm, leave at 4.00pm

During the day I would really appreciate you having a think about which trails feel like a true grade 3/intermediate. If there are any obstacles that feel out of grade let me know. I would like to document 2 x intermediate runs that we are very confident intermediate level riders (people comfortable on Hot Box for example) can ride down to get their day started right.

If you need a Gorge map you can download that here

Here is a list of who is coming:

  • Alice BAKER

  • Belinda CRISP

  • Ben HALL


  • Brent GODDARD

  • Dinah JERRAM

  • Gerrard WILSON

  • Hamish BERKETT

  • Henry JAINE


  • Mandy RICHARDS


  • Ollie WHALLEY


  • Sandy VINCENT

  • Sarah MOULDER

  • Sarah REES

  • Shanine RAGGETT

  • Tom JERRAM

  • Tony MIFSUD

  • Zoe KING